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a bad man's song

Can a man ever truly change his tune?


Caleb Cade; itinerant womaniser, thief, coward and sharper of hearts has found unexpected friendship in the strange Huguenot libertine Louis Defane and the lonely spinster Harriet Brindley as he struggles to find the man he might have been amongst the sprawling, violent, colourful, riotous mess of eighteenth century London.


As the memories of his younger self continue to unfold, his journey of re-discovery is about to take an unexpected turn as Defane opens the door to a world he never knew existed. A world were all things might be possible, a world that might free him from his childhood phantoms and perhaps allow him to find the love he craves.


When his friend Defane is revealed to be a monster even more broken by love than he is, Caleb finds himself inexorably drawn into a world of mad men where his own lust and desires are as likely to damn him as the monsters they hunt, while the ghosts of his past still have the power to step into the present.


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