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andy monk


a god of many tears

“…a god has many duties… one of which is to cry for the world that he created…”

Between the murderous army of the Scourge and the demonic power of the Mayor, Hawker’s Drift’s darkest days lie ahead…

Confronted by the approaching Scourge, Amos abandons his pursuit of Stodder Hope and attempts to return to Hawker’s Drift to take Molly and Amelia to safety, but with the grass awash with raiders set on cleansing the land of the weak, the Thin Rider has more dark work for the gunslinger. Meanwhile, Molly has to face up to the Mayor alone as Hawker’s Drift prepares for the arrival of the Scourge.


John and Cece leave town in search of a way back to their own world as they struggle with their own conflicted feelings for each other, while Mr Wizzle tries to rescue Ash’s soul and keep the barber’s family from the clutches of the Mayor. Sye’s memories of his love for Cece have been taken, but he is about to lose far more as his life is torn apart. Guy Furnedge spirals towards insanity as his dead wife continues to spit poison into his ear. Stodder Hope has joined up with his old comrade Ezra Saalt to seize what Giselle has led him to believe is the source of Hawker’s Drift’s wealth, while the fortune teller continues her plot to destroy the Mayor. Sam Shenan must lead the defence of the town as Deputy Blane sets out on a homicidal quest for vengeance that will shatter more than one life.

Caught between two evils, the inhabitants of Hawker’s Drift face a fight for their very survival.


The fourth and penultimate book in the Hawker’s Drift series.


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