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the convenient

“Love or Despair. One has to die when the other triumphs. ‘tis the way this world works…”


Freed from the prison of her own mind and the fears that chained her to a life of abuse, Hannah must now face the threat of the Grand Thief-Taker of Southwark, Billy Righteous.

Rather than allowing Captain August to submit to Righteous’ demands to steal the Queen’s gunpowder, Hannah sets out to uncover the truth behind the thief-taker’s extortion and save both herself and the Captain from the shadow of the noose.

In the guise of an innocent maid, Hannah contacts the handsome rogue Kendall Quinn once more, ignoring the unfamiliar attraction she feels for him to expose the thief-taker’s plot. As Billy Righteous draws her into his corrupt world, she must resist the temptations of a path she has already walked once before. But to destroy the man who threatens both her life and her second chance, she finds she must do the very thing she has sworn never to do again...


As she falls ever deeper into the thief-taker’s dark orbit, she begins to question who is fooling who. Is Billy Righteous playing her game or is she playing his? And just who does she have to become in order to survive…


The Convenient, part three of Rumville, a dark fantasy of broken lives and second chances set against the backdrop of 18th Century London.

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