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the future is promises

“the future is but a promise made by a blind beggar…”


Having to return home to see his family one last time before taking the chance to be healed by a vampire’s blood, Captain August finds past and present conspiring to jeopardise a future he long thought impossible. Meanwhile, more dangers confront Hannah as she tries to help the Captain, deal with the monsters in her care and find the person she has become, all the while fighting to keep control of her mind, body and very soul.

Death, darkness, longing, lust, love, lies and redemption abound as Hannah and the Captain’s relationship grows ever closer, but as monsters and ghosts swirl around them both, can there ever be such a thing as a happy ending?

The Future is Promises, part five of Rumville, a dark fantasy of broken lives and second chances set against the backdrop of 18th Century London

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