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Abstract Flame

the world's pain

no one can save everybody, but everybody can save someone

"The Devil has no form. The Devil is the name we give our weaknesses. The Devil is greed, stupidity, lust, avarice, anger. The Devil is vengeance. The Devil is the darkness within us all. We are all capable of being the Devil. If anyone here is, My Lady of the Broken Tower, it is you..."


Three weeks have passed since Solace and Ulrich left the ruins of The Wolf’s Tower. In the company of the enigmatic Morlaine they have crossed country avoiding bandits, war bands and mercenaries as civil war, fuelled by religious fervour, rips asunder the once prosperous lands of the Holy Roman Empire.

Arriving in the town of Madriel exhausted and half-starved, Morlaine insists they must part company as she follows the Night’s Road in pursuit of Saul the Bloodless alone.

Solace is determined to persuade Morlaine that her sight can help track down the Red Company and together they can defeat Saul and rescue her brother Torben, but the sight has deserted her since she left The Wolf’s Tower, leaving only her wits to change Morlaine’s mind, until an unearthly stranger offers to aid her pursuit of vengeance…

Despite its walls and soldiers, Madriel is no place of safety. Waves of refugees fleeing the fighting clog the streets, resentment is growing amongst the population whose food supplies are dwindling as fear of war, famine, plague and pestilence consume the town.

Amidst the chaos and looming inevitably that the conflict will eventually reach Madriel, Ulrich, haunted by the horrors of The Wolf’s Tower and his own part in them, tries to find redemption by helping a young woman fleeing the war. But, as people start disappearing from the streets, Solace and Ulrich discover the Red Company are not the only monsters at large in the war-ravaged lands of the Empire…

Three Zombies
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