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mister grim

“now i'm mister grim, now i'm death…”


Pursued by a vengeful Kendal Quinn and Billy Righteous’ surviving rogues, Hannah and Captain August take refuge amongst the monsters of Chancery’s House, where the hunters become the hunted in a deadly game of cat and mouse.


Hannah discovers secrets, opportunities and horrors within the bowels of the crumbling old house. But can she trust Henry Cleever to not only protect them from her enemies, but also deliver the people she cares for from their own torments?


Cutting a deal with the Devil is fraught with danger and sacrifice. After a life ruined by always taking the easy choices for herself, will taking the hard choice for the benefit of others provide redemption, or rob her of her second chance.


And will she ever be able to free herself from the monsters she finds increasingly in her care.


Mister Grim part four of Rumville, a dark fantasy of broken lives and second chances set against the backdrop of 18th Century London.

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