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precious things


"I will give you whatever you want, I need this wretched man dead...…"



What price would you pay to save everything you have?


When Josiah Milton, mill-owner, self-made man, and philanthropist, requires a job done he always haggles for the best possible price, but when you face ruin, disgrace and ending your days rotting in prison, there are no savings to be made.


With his life and all he has achieved threatened with ruin by a blackmailer who knows his darkest secret, Milton turns to a man who can solve any problem, remove any enemy, a man against which no lock is strong enough or wall high enough. Mr Bright is a man, it is said, who can do impossible things.


But Mr Bright’s services do not come cheap.. Josiah Milton is rich and he is prepared to pay whatever is needed to protect his reputation, his liberty, his business and his family.


In return for a man’s life, Mr Bright requires an equitable price to be paid, but he has no interest in trinkets and baubles,, no desire for money, gold or jewels..


Mr Bright wants something far more precious..…


Precious Things – a dark novella of choice and consequence.

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