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arthur blane

Never thought I’d end up being a lawman. 

Certainly wasn’t what I was planning when I rolled into Hawker’s Drift one freezing winter day, the whole world brittle-white save a sky so blue it pained my eyes. Nope, in truth all I had on my mind was raping and killing the two women who’d been huddling under a blanket on the other side of the stagecoach as we’d trundled across those endless, icy plains. I hadn’t made my mind up, but they looked like they’d be good to play with. Mother and daughter. That’s always fun.

Turned out I never got the opportunity. Think I made em nervous for some reason. So I hung around town a while. Thought I’d take a few days, just long enough to rest a little and find someone interesting to kill before getting back on the road.

But then the Mayor came and offered me a job. I nearly laughed in his face. Except for the fact I never laugh. Not in front of people anyway. I’ve never understood why fools choose to paint their feelings across their ugly faces for all the world to see what’s going on in their dumb heads. Not me. I spent hour after hour, day after day, sitting in front of a mirror learning how to turn my face into a wooden mask. Time well spent I’d say. 

A fellow, particularly a strange tricky fellow like me, needs to know he's different from the rest of the world if he’s going to survive. I live my life behind a mask and keep the dark thrills I live for out of my eyes and off my face. Best way to stay alive.

So, I didn’t laugh, as much as I wanted to let a giggle bubble out. 

But in the end, I took the job. Turns out he needs men like me, men who can take care of business. Turns out I quite like being a lawman too. Thought I’d spend my life as dark tumbleweed blowing along a dusty road. Strange how the world works, huh?
But now I got something else, and I think I’m gonna be sticking around a good while longer.


The fun ain’t quite as free as it was on the road, but there are thrills to be had and the Mayor knows how to keep his employees happy…

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