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execution dock

“the worst monsters are always the ones that live inside us…”


The Kindly Man’s extraordinary gift has freed Hannah Ginter from the consequences of a life poorly lived. Desperate to understand the miracle that has happened to her, she revisits Southwark in an attempt to find out why and how her youth was restored, determined she will never be drawn back into her old life of drunkenness and working the streets for faded pennies.


As she searches for answers to her own mystery, Captain August faces a choice of committing treason or standing trial for murder and witchcraft. In an attempt to save them both, Hannah is drawn into the shadowy underworld of Rumville, where she must not only deal with the schemes of Billy Righteous, the self-styled the Grand Thief-Taker of Southwark, but also the long-lost desires of her new body.


But before she can discover anything, she must first overcome her own personal ghost, Despair, who seems hell-bent on seeing her dead before they can drive each other insane.


Confronted by her past and the fears it spawned to chain her to a life of misery, abuse and degradation, Hannah must defeat the monsters within herself. Only then she can stand with Captain August against the dark forces of Rumville’s underbelly and be free to take her second chance.

Execution Dock, part two of Rumville, a dark fantasy of broken lives and second chances set against the backdrop of 18th Century London.

Abstract Texture
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