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ghosts in the blood

Monsters live behind all manner of masks.


Dr Rothery and his friends are probably insane, but Caleb has agreed to help them in their search for the vampiric essence, so he can stay close to the Doctor’s wild and intoxicating daughter. That is what he tries to tell himself anyway.


Could the vampiric essence free him from the grave and allow him to find love? Or is that just the ghost of Louis Defane living in his blood, whispering madness in his mind?


When Rothery and his colleagues capture a vampire alive, Caleb travels with them to Captain Lazziard’s remote manor house where there will be no prying eyes to watch them work. As they apply their curiosity to the creature they chain in the cellar, Caleb is increasingly unsure who the real monsters are.


When people begin to die Caleb must decide where his loyalties lie; but are his perceptions being manipulated by the ghost in his blood, his own selfish desires for immortality or the fact that the creature Rothery is experimenting on happens to be the most beautiful woman he has ever seen…





White Sands
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