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hawker's drift

A long, long way from anywhere, Amid a vast sea of grass and on a road going nowhere, sits the community of Hawker's Drift,.


When Amos, an itinerant gunslinger, arrives in town he is immediately drawn to the newly widowed hard-drinking, foul-mouthed Molly McCrea and, despite his better judgement, he agrees to help her in a dispute with the town's mayor, the unlikely couple find themselves inexorably pulled into the shadowy heart of a small town with a terrible secret.


A dark, engrossing fantasy woven around the disparate inhabitants of a remote town and their mysterious Mayor, a man always prepared to offer a lost soul their heart’s desire…

kind words (amazon reviews)

"Wonderful book full of interesting characters that jumped off the page. I could not put it down."


"If you enjoy writers like King and Koontz, then you will enjoy Monk. He writes very much like the young Steven King, gripping the reader in an intense drama and just when you think you have it all figured out, he throws that unexpected twist in."


"Highly recommend this series for anyone who loves a book you can't put down."


a long way from anywhere, on a road going nowhere...


character monologues

Listen to the good, bad and mad citizens of the town of Hawker's Drift in their own words. Eexclusive monologues, featuring a selection of the major characters from the Hawker's Drift novels.


just click on the image of the gunslinger and visit a small town, a long, long way from anywhere, on a road going nowhere...


A town where nothing is quite as it seems.


bonus chapter

If you've read all the Hawker's Drift books and would like to follow the Thin Rider back to pay a final visit to a town a long, long waw away, follow the link below to what was originally the penultimate chapter of Hollow Places - but, only if you've read the books. Be good now! No peeking. Otherwise, Deputy Blane might have to come around to have a word...

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