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Return of the blog...

As I'm between books I've been busying myself working through my to do list (usually referred to as my find-an-excuse-not-to-do list). This week I've been transitioning my site to a new host for (anything to avoid Christmas shopping), and have been busy playing with all the new shiny bells and whistles. I've neglected my site for a while, partly due to writing commitments, partly through the old host being a pain to use, but mostly due to my innate laziness. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow was the mantra that underpinned my glorious career in the civil service, after all.

The blog on my old site packed up a year ago, the host seemed to get caught short by the termination of Adobe Flash and the blog facility never got working again. Understandable, I mean, they only had 5-6 years notice Flash was going to be withdrawn. How could they possibly have known it was going to screw up their customers websites? C'mon, be reasonable!

So, here I am with a new blog. I've lost all of my old blog posts (a great loss to future scholars of exceedingly obscure authors I'm sure), therefore its back to square one. I'm going to try and post reasonably regularly from now. I always fail miserably with putting stuff on Facebook, but I've always had the nagging suspicion Facebook is the Devil's work so have long since forgiven my tardiness there.

If I don't keep my promise to myself here, I'm going to have to think up a whole new excuse as to why...

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