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andy monk


the burden of souls

Small Town, Dark Heart…


… a long ways from anywhere, on a road going to nowhere, sits a town surrounded by a sea of grass and vast, turbulent skies. It’s a peaceable, prosperous little place in a world that is slowly falling apart, a town where all kinds of people find themselves washed up.

Molly McCrea thinks the husband she never loved was murdered and now there are plans for her. Amos the gunslinger has spent thirteen years searching for a man he knows he’ll never find. Preacher Stone is dying, but does the little black bottle that takes the pain away offer something even worse than death? Sam Shenan wants to retire, grow pumpkins and watch the clouds sail by, but 30 years ago he sold his friend for a gold star and a deal is a deal. Guy Furnedge married his wife for her money, but he didn’t bargain on her becoming a tormented, bitter alcoholic and now he wants his due. John X Smith sells guns and steals hearts, but is he the only one who knows that the monsters are real? Mr Wizzle sleeps out on the grass hoping to see angels, but finds an old friend he’s never met instead. Cece Jones arrives bone dry in a rainstorm and sings haunting songs that nobody knows.

All will be drawn into the web weaved through the lives of the town's inhabitants by its urbane and mysterious Mayor; a man prepared to make a deal for your heart's desire and, maybe, for your very soul…


Welcome to Hawker’s Drift, a town where nothing is quite as it seems…



Sunrise over the Wheat Field
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