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the love of monsters

All roads end...


Caleb Cade, liar, thief, womaniser and sharper of hearts has fled into the night many times before, but always alone and never pursued by monsters, both vampire and human.


Now he must care for the wounded Morlaine and nurse her back to health whilst keeping them safe from a world that would see them both dead. Their only protection the anonymity of the road and the wits of a man well practised in disappearing from sight.


Caleb knows his salvation rests in his love for a woman who does not appear to be capable of the emotion. Her love could bring him redemption while her rejection could finally destroy him. But just how do you make a monster love you?


Where the road leads Caleb will follow, on a journey that will take him back to his past and deliver him to his future; a journey which will teach him that there is a high price to pay for the love of monsters.






White Fabric
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