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Black Fabric

monsters in the snow. monsters in the dark. monsters in the blood.

“Wheels and wheels and wheels within more wheels. The world turns, and everything that happens within the orbits of those wheels does so because a force exists to make it happen.”

On route to Magdeburg a sudden snowstorm forces Solace, Ulrich and their companions to take shelter, but a grisly discovery soon diverts them from their hunt for Graf Bulcher, Saul the Bloodless and the Red Company.

Accused of witchcraft and murder, enemies old and new circle, while unexpected allies and opportunities emerge. As they hunt a monster to prove their innocence
, the tides of war breaks upon them and Solace and Ulrich must fight for their lives if they are ever to return to the Night’s Road.

Vengeance demands sacrifice and Solace believes she must be prepared to use whatever she has at her disposal, regardless of the potential cost, to destroy the Red Company, while Ulrich confronts his own demons and regrets as blood flows and bodies fall.

You do not pay the price of vengeance in silver; you pay it in whatever currency it damn well wants...

Empire of Dirt, the third book of The Night’s Road.

empire of dirt

Grunge Texture
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